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QMS Mortuary Management Training


The objective of this training programme is to provide knowledge relevant to mortuary management, quality management processes and documentation within a funeral business.

Syllabus modules


  • Topic 1: Introduction to Quality

  • Topic 2: Introduction to audit

  • Topic  3: H&S management

  • Topic 4: Receiving and releasing of the deceased



Course dates for 2023 - 1 x online sessions for each course (10am to approx. 4pm):

  • June  (cohort 1) 15/06/22

  • July (cohort 2) 13/07/23

  • August (cohort 3) 24/08/23

  • September (Cohort 4) 14/09/23

  • November (Cohort 5) 09/11/23

  • December (Cohort 6) 14/12/23


You will need to first register with the NAFD for this training before enrolling with us at the North Tees Centre.  


The total cost of this course is £295.00 (£150: NAFD, £145: North Tees) and includes:


  • Candidate registration fee

  • External verification fees

  • 1 full teaching day

  • Online resource access

  • Regular access to course facilitators

  • Support for the candidate throughout  their training

  • Lecture programme / training notes

Only enrol with the North Tees Centre after you have registered for training with the NAFD.


Course assessment criteria:

  • 1 x online examination quiz:

You will need to provide proof of North Tees payment when you enrol with us - The course fee consists of 2 PAYMENTS – these must be paid to both NAFD and North Tees – these payments are £295.00 total:


  • £150: NAFD fee

  • £145: North Tees fee


Please go to the NAFD website to make their payment of £150.

All assessed work (exams and assignments) must be completed within 4 months of completion of theory taught lessons. An admin charge of £50 will be made for any extensions beyond 4 months.


An administrative charge of £50 may be charged for any cancellations and course deferrals.

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