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Module 6: Preparing for and conducting visitation of the deceased 


This page contains additional information to assist and guide you through the following learning outcomes for this module:  

Summary of Learning Outcomes:


To achieve this unit a candidate must:

LO1: Recognising the diversity of the deceased and of the client

1.1 Demonstrate respect and embrace the diversity among clients, families and potential clients in line with relevant legislation.

1.2 Facilitate extended care and support in a manner that demonstrates respect for the deceased, and the cultural and social context in which they have lived their life.

1.3 Demonstrate awareness and respect of the way in which cultural and belief may impact upon the removal and transfer, care, preparation and presentation of the deceased.

1.4 Identify the extent and limits of your own cultural understanding and when and from where to seek advice or support.

1.5 Describe how to communicate effectively with the client and with family members through the assistance of other professionals, interpreter and bilingual services, sign interpreter or other specialists.




LO2: Preparing for and conducting visitation of the deceased

2.1 Understand and comply with the funeral directing business procedures to follow to confirm the identity of the deceased person for visiting. 

2.2 Understand the purpose of having clear guidance from the client regarding visiting of the deceased from the funeral director.


2.3 Outline business procedures and checks for visiting the deceased.

2.4 Identify the business procedures to follow to enable visiting of the deceased to take place.

2.5 Utilise sensitive communication when responding to requests for visiting the deceased.

2.6 Apply and follow business procedures when conducting visiting of the deceased.

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Care and preparation of the deceased

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Care and preparation of the deceased

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