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Module 2: Health & Safety within the funeral business 


This page contains additional information to assist and guide you through the following learning outcomes for this module:  

Summary of Learning Outcomes:


To achieve this unit a candidate must:

1. Health and Safety in the funeral business

1.1 Outline the main legal framework and laws relating to health and safety at work

1.2 Explain the responsibilities of employers with respect to health and safety at work

1.3 Explain the responsibilities of employees with respect to health and safety at work

1.4 Explain the risks and effects of biological, chemical, physical and radiological hazard in a mortuary

1.5 Identify work activities in the mortuary that may require a risk assessment

1.6 Explain control measures for common biological, chemical and physical hazards likely to be encountered in a mortuary

1.7 Outline the steps needed to be taken to complete a risk assessment

1.8 Describe immediate actions that should be taken in the event of an accident, fire other emergency

1.9 Outline procedures for reporting, recording and investigating accidents, incidents, near misses and ill-health

2. Driving and routine maintenance of funeral vehicles

2.1 Outline the main legislation, codes of practice and policies and procedures within your funeral business and explain how they impact on your role when maintaining and driving vehicles

2.2 Identify the tax and insurance dates for vehicles within the business as well as confirm the validity of your own driving licenses for the requirements of your role

2.3 Identify the steps required to routinely inspect and maintain the vehicles in your funeral business


2.4 Explain the legislation for maintaining records of vehicle maintenance

2.5 Explain what PPE, coverings, cleaning methods and cleaning agents are required during the cleaning operations of vehicles and how to obtain detailed instructions for these items

2.6 Follow funeral business procedures to safely dispose of used cleaning agents and waste materials

2.7 Explain the process for reporting faults and damage to vehicles within the funeral business

2.8 Describe how the driving rota system works within your business and how pre-route and funeral briefings are held

2.9 Explain why it is important for you to drive the vehicle at a steady pace throughout the journey and the information that you require to assist you in adhering to the agreed route, timings and cortege information as well as being aware of incidents and long delays en-route

2.10 Explain how you would treat mourners with courtesy and consideration during the funeral and explain the safe use of their seatbelts

2.11 Be able to identify the suitable parking areas for the funeral vehicles 

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Risk assessment and Emergency procedures

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Risk assessment and Emergency procedures

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