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Module 1: Sensitive communication 


This page contains additional information to assist and guide you through the following learning outcomes for this module:  

Summary of Learning Outcomes:


To achieve this unit a candidate must:

LO1: Understanding the impact of bereavement and grief

1.1 Explain how to support the client at the time of bereavement.

1.2 Describe each common reaction to bereavement

1.3 Identify the role of the funeral business in supporting the client and in caring for the deceased. 

1.4 Describe the influence and impact of religion, culture and belief upon working with the client during the period of their bereavement and grief.



LO2: Principle of effective communication

2.1 Explain the importance of effective communication in the wider context when working with colleagues, the client and third-party representatives.

2.2 Identify the range of communication skills that are required for communicating with colleagues within a mortuary environment. 

2.3 Identify the range of communication skills that are required communicating with relatives, friends and carers of the deceased

2.4 Identify barriers to communication and strategies for overcoming 



LO3: Working together

3.1 Describe the roles and contributions of team members and the significance of working together.

3.2 Identify the purpose of the funeral team.

3.3 Describe how to plan team activity in order to meet the needs of the client.

3.4 Agree timescales for completion of activities.

3.5 Organise own work in order to meet agreed aims and objectives on time.

3.6 Monitor own progress towards meeting aims and objectives.

3.7 Inform other team members of own progress.

3.8 Explain why team work is important in a Funeral Director’s team.



LO4: Responding to the first call

4.1 Apply the funeral business’ protocols, policies and procedures for identifying and introducing yourself and your funeral business to clients during the first call.

4.2 Ask open questions to confirm the identity of the caller and their relationship to the deceased.

4.3 Identify and confirm the client and primary contact for all future communications.

4.4 Describe your funeral business’ procedures for recording information pertaining to the deceased and confirming the client’s information during the first call.

4.5 Describe how to handle the distress of clients during first call and explain why this important, including the next steps.

4.6 Identify the relevant legislation that applies to death registration in the country where the death has occurred.

4.7 Identify the location and contact details of registry offices in the local area.

4.8 Explain the purpose and use of documentation issued by the registrar.

4.9 Describe the purpose of registration by declaration.


4.10 Identify the circumstances when a death needs to be reported to the Coroner or Procurator Fiscal.

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Team working and effective communication 

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Team working and effective communication 

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