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Here you will find course information relating to your specific training  - please explore the links below and feel free to ask us any questions.  

Frontline Funeral Service Operations

Dates: 25/08/20 and 29/09/20

The training comprises 6 theory modules taught by the centre at North Tees Hospital and portfolio of evidence that are completed in your local work-based department / organisation.

In house theory modules will be assessed by:


  • 6 x course work based assignments (that includes evidence building).

  • 3 x online exams


The evidence portfolio building will take place throughout your training period. Please check the ‘portfolio’ link above for information and guidance on how to produce evidence for your portfolio.

More details of specific theory module learning requirements can be found in the unit boxes below - additional information will become available in each box as you work through your course. You will be notified via our centre when new information has been added.

Timetables, lecture programmes and additional useful documents can be found at the bottom of this page.


Finally, please check out the forum links at the top of this web page and sign up using the ‘signup’ link. Read the welcome post in your cohorts specific forum.

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Select a module below:

Module 1

Sensitive communication

Module 4

Mortuary practice

Module 2

Health and Safety

Module 5

Care and preparation

Module 3

Handling of the deceased

Module 6

Visitation of the deceased

Course documentation

Please click on an icon link below:

Course Timetable

Timetable of your cohorts 2 day venue training 

NAFD Manual

Manual  of Funeral Directing  - England & Wales

Track progress

Of submitted assignments and online exams

NAFD Manual

Manual  of Funeral Directing  -Scotland

Training Plan

Keep a log of your exam and assignments progress

NAFD Manual

Manual  of Funeral Directing  -Northern Ireland

Centre message updates

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Any recorded online zoom meetings are available below: Click here for the zoom meeting instructions if you are unsure: The meeting room ID number  is: 704 259 0067 (remember you will need to enter your cohorts password number as well).

You can fast forward to specific chapters in the recordings below by clicking on the time stamp points below each video: